How to care for your Flowers

So you have just got some beautiful flowers and you want to know the best way to keep them. There are a few simple steps to make them stay fresh for longer.

Step One.

Remove all outer packaging, this includes any plastic or paper. By leaving any packaging can cause the flowers to sweat. They can then start to decay due to not a lot of fresh air flowing through.

Step Two.

Remove any lower leaves or thorns that may sit in the water. Any leaves or thorns that will sit in the water will make it dirty and full of bacteria. Your flowers need fresh clean water!

Step Three.

Cut the stems at the bottom at a 45° angle so that your flowers can drink the water at the bottom and are not flush with the bottom of the glass vase. The stems should be cut about 3cm from the bottom.

Step Four.

Fill a vase up with water. It should be filled up with about one third of water. Then add your flower food to the water. Mix the flower food in the water making sure it is mixed in. The water should be changed every other day.

Step Five.

Don't leave your flowers in full direct sunlight, or above a radiator, or anywhere there is a draft.

Then sit back relax and admire your flowers as they slowly bloom over the next few days.

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