Funeral Flowers

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Lily Flower

Most arrangements can be altered whether you want to change the colour or flower type. Please note that not all flowers are available all year round. So they will be replaced with another flower of the same value.

Orange and white Wreath

Orange and white wreath "12" £32.00 "14" £42.00 "16" £52.00 Other colours available

Small Posy

Small posy bouquet Mixed seasonal posy From £32.00

Double Ened Spray

Double ended spray. Mixture of seasonal flowers in Pink, Purple, yellow and White. Other colours available. 2ft £85.00 3ft £105.00 4ft £165.00 5ft £215.00

Mum loose natural desgin

Mum loose natural design in pink, purple and white. with a ribbon edge. other colours available. £120.00

Red Rose and Carnation Heart

Red Rose heart and Carnation heart. Other colours and sizes available. From £60.00

Betting Slip

Special tribute betting slip. 1ft x 2ft £80.00 Call for more information.


Mum Tribute Choose from any colour ribbon and spray. £120.00

Pink and purple spray

Pink and purple spray. 2ft £80.00 3ft £100.00 4ft £165.00 5ft £215.00

Bright and colourful pillow

Pillow You can change to any colour. From: "14" £55.00 "18" £70.00 "24" £100.00

Ball of wool

Ball of wool on a cushion. based in double white chrysanthemums and with a ribbon edge. other colours available. From "14" £60.00, "18" £80.00, "24" £100.00


Based chrysanthemums cushion with ribbon edge. other colours available. From £65.00

heart blue and white "15"

Blue and White heart "15" other colours, word and sizes available. From £50.00


Nanny Tribute Choose from any colour ribbon and spray. £200.00


2D Car From £125.00

3D Chainsaw

3D Chainsaw made from chrysanthemums.

Natural wreath

Natural wreath in greens and whites. from £30.00

Single ended spray

Bright Colorful spray From £32.00


DAD ribbon edge and sprays on letters.£120.00. £40.00 at letter. other colours and words available.

Double Ended Spray

Double ended spray. Available in different colours and sizes. 2ft £35.00 3ft £70.00 4ft £95.00 5ft £140.00

Single ended spray

bright and colourful single ended spray with mixed seasonal flowers. other colours available. From £32.00.

Purple and white single ended spray

Single ended spray with purple and white seasonal flowers from £35.00.

Single ended spray

Deep purple and white single ended spray. including lily's and roses from £40.00. (please note that we need at least one week in advance for the lily's to be open).

Rose and Gypsophila sheaf

Rose and Gypsophila sheaf with a cerise pink bow. other colours and flowers available. From £40.00

Blue Heart "15"

Blue Heart "15" other colours, words and sizes are available. From £55.00

Mixed Wreath

Mixed seasonal wreath other colours available. From £32.00

Mixed wreath

Mixed wreath seasonal flowers. other colours available and sizes From £30.00